“Our family have been using Jacqui  for Bowen Therapy Treatments for the last three months for various aches & pains. We have all found that we feel much better after her treatments.
Jacqui  also treats my agility dogs & I have found that her treatments are helping my dogs to keep them sound for competing at the top level in agility.
Jacqui is great to deal with and very helpful when trying to get to the bottom of problems.
We would have no hesitation in recommending Jacqui”
– Vicky & Gavin Fox
“Our 15 year old fox terrier was injured 14 months ago and sustained fractures of the pelvis and dislocations of Sacroiliac Joint .
Initially she was tender to the touch and some areas not treatable at all.
However now, after several treatments she is relaxed and has her mobility back !
One lucky dog  !”
– Brook
I highly recommend Jacqui for Bowen Therapy .Very professional and relaxing
Bowen has really helped my stomach issues.
– Jayde
I have had a long standing groin injury for five years that has continued to be re-aggravated with further accidents and had become a chronic pain condition with inflammation around the tendon. I had long standing physio treatments with temporary relief, I then heard about Bowen Therapy and decided to give it a go. I have had four treatments so far and can say after the third treatment, I found a marked improvement. My limp is now very occasional and usually only after sitting for a period of time. My pain is declining after each treatment and I am close to being pain free. I am now getting back into activities that I haven’t been able to do comfortably for some time. It is fantastic that Jacqui comes to your home and she makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed. For me, I can say Bowen is a positive experience and I am going to continue to have maintenance treatments with the goal to be totally pain free in the near future.
– Sue
Over the last four years I have received Bowen treatments from Jacqui whenever I have had a farming mishap or a riding injury which involved muscle/skeletal problems. Jacqui, through her expertise in assessing the problem and her knowledge of Bowen , has always quickly returned me to a relaxed and pain free state . Without hesitation ,I would recommend Jacqui to anyone seeking professional Bowen treatments.
It was March 2018 at the Patearoa Dog Trials that my 3 ½ old heading dog, Lone, had a very nasty accident. After a good run-out in the Long Head he was in the process of lifting the sheep out of the hook and they were trying to break back toward the liberation pen. I sent him around to his right to block their progress but this required him jumping the liberation wing which he landed upon, resulting in him being catapulted into free fall, somersaulting over steep, bluffy terrain for approximately 70-80 metres until he came to a stop at the bottom. Consequently he was squealing with pain and was dragging his rear end along the ground, indicating possibly a broken back, or at least severe damage. 
A nearby land cruiser was commissioned to drive uphill as far as possible to which we carried Lone, and from there took him to Vetlife, Alexandra to be examined by respected vet, Lori Linney. 
The diagnosis after the x-ray was a dislocated vertebrae at the base of the neck above the shoulders, and much trauma and superficial damage. 
An operation at Christchurch was an option, but could cost up to $12,000 with no guarantee of success so we chose not to go there. 
After treatment and care at the vets, I took Lone home for a period of confinement then restricted and controlled exercise. I also contacted Jacqui Chittock, requesting a weekly course of Bowen Therapy. In conjunction with this, I also gave Lone a daily intake of Turmeric and Joint Ultra from O2B Healthy, a Nelson based company. 
Over several weeks Lone’s movement and capabilities improved remarkably and at the time of writing, he has returned to normal work and is capable of performing creditably in this situation, running freely. Although still showing a slight lameness in his right front leg which has been assessed as nerve damage. 
Although time and rest can be a good healer, I believe Jacqui and her ongoing Bowen Therapy  treatments have played a significant part in Lone’s remarkable recovery and as such, would recommend her and her methods of treatment to anyone. 
Lloyd Smith





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