About Bowen

What is Bowen?
Bowen is a soft tissue physical therapy that addresses the body’s fascia.
Fascia is the connective tissue that forms a continuous 3-D sheath throughout the entire body.  It literally holds us together and is woven around and throughout muscles,  ligaments,  bone,  nerves,  veins, lymph and organs .  The Bowen move is  a hands on form of bodywork.  It is both gentle and non-invasive.   A series of moves are selectively placed at various junctions on the body to stimulate the fascia .   This helps to release adhesion’s , balance and restore equilibrium and results in overall improved levels of health . Bowen’s essence and strength is that it is an holistic therapy that addresses the whole body .  The gentle application of Bowen means it is suited for all ages from babies and children to the elderly .
Before a Treatment
I encourage my clients to drink water more frequently before a treatment .  This is to hydrate the fascia and help the body flush away any metabolic waste .  Wear loose fitting clothing to your treatment .  Bowen can be performed through loose clothing or directly on the skin .  Allow 45-60 minutes for a treatment .
The Treatment
Your first session will include a comprehensive assessment and consultation to identify any areas of concern .  Treatments are performed lying down on a massage table but can also be applied in a seat or standing .  A series of specifically placed moves are applied .  Between these  moves the body is given time to rest for two minute breaks so it can process the information it’s received and move into a deeper relaxation before the next series of moves.  These waits are essential to the treatment .  Falling asleep during a treatment is common and encouraged
Post Treatment  
Avoid long hot showers/baths or wheat bag applications to your problem area for 24 hours after your treatment.  Try and rest as much as possible in the 24 hours after your first treatment , although sitting for long periods of time should be avoided – move around every 20 minutes .  Drink plenty of water.  Although Bowen is gentle, reactions after treatment can be extremely variable .  Some people , if dehydrated can feel achy , tired and some muscle discomfort , whereas others will feel great with more energy and reduced pain .  Both these reactions are quite normal and your body will be responding over the next week to the signals it has been given .
How Often ?
Generally most conditions require 2-3 treatment sessions spaced a week apart .  Acute conditions may need treatments every 2-3 days where as chronic conditions will generally require more treatments spaced a week apart in the beginning , then as progress is made,  the duration span of treatments can be spaced further apart.  Preventative or maintenance treatments are of great benefit to keep the body injury free and in a state of optimal balance.
Conditions Bowen Therapy can help with
Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia
Digestive Issues
Gynaecological conditions
Rehabilitation post surgery
Sciatic Pain
Sleep Disorders
Sports injuries




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