About Canine Bowen

What is Canine Bowen?
ISBT (International School of Bowen) Canine Bowen was developed by leading international equine Therapist, Chiropractor and Acupuncturist Suzanne Baker.
Suzanne spent a number of years developing sequences, conducting trials and confirming results to ensure that Canine Bowen was a high quality form of body work .
As with Human Bowen, Canine Bowen is a gentle and effective hands on therapy where specialised moves are applied to specific muscles, tendons, ligaments and lymph .
The cross fibre move influences the fascia housing these structures and allows the body to reset and adhesions to be released. Improved function then leads to decreased levels of pain and improved health and well-being.
The Treatment
The first consultation and treatment usually takes up to an hour .I prefer to treat your dog at your premises as they will be more relaxed in their own environment, However if you prefer to come to me then sufficient time will be given to allow the dog to become comfortable in a new environment .
It is important that the dog is relaxed and enjoys the experience so at all times the dogs welfare will come first .
Subsequent treatments will generally be shorter, around 30-45 minutes .
After Treatment
You will be give an Aftercare Sheet of instructions to take home with you .
Generally Dogs respond very well to Bowen
What Conditions can Canine Bowen Help with?
. Muscle strains and sprains
. Fear and Anxiety
. Rehabilitation and Recovery  post Surgery
. Arthritis
. Unevenness
. Sluggish Lymphatic system
. Agility, Racing ,Show and Working Dogs-improved performance and general wellbeing
. Degenerative Conditions
. Stiffness and Pain
. Behavioural Issues








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